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Friday, 27 May, 2011

Need to Assert Buddhist Identity

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From: sunil ramteke <ramtekesunil2004@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, May 26, 2011 at 3:23 PM
Subject: Need to Assert Buddhist Identity
To: dr-ambedkar-and-his-people@googlegroups.com

Dear friends,
Saprem Jaibhim!
William Shakespeare Said, "What's in a name?" His saying was apt to the western world as western society was giving importance to person's deeds rather than his name.But herein India person's name, and sernames are suggestive of particular caste, community, clan or religion.It is an indicative of his lower or highest status in society.This particular thing is most applicable to Hindu religion.The first question arises in the minds of a person who wants to convert into Hinduism is which caste he should take?Because caste, clan, Gotra have much importance in the Hindu society rather than the virtues of a person. Exactly opposite to this if a person wants to convert into Buddhism,Christianity, Muslim,Jainism,Parsi and Sikhism he loses his identity of a caste and becomes Buddhist,Jain,Muslim,Parsi,Christian and Sikh.Caste have no role to play when he converted to these religions.
But I think only exception to Buddhism all religions give importance to superhuman being kept above the highest ladder.But Buddhism does not give importance to superhuman power kept above human beings.This is the unique principle of Buddhism.Buddhism gives importance to human beings and strives for their welfare.Human being is at the centre
stage of Buddhism.There is no unnecessary fear in the minds of a Buddhist about any superhuman power but it gives importance to discipline and cultivate the mind of a person on the path of non-violence,peace,charity,metta,compassion and universal principles
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.It instills self confidence in a person.We must be grateful to Babasaheb for reviving most scientific,rational and striving Dhamma for the welfare of the
people. There is no person in Dhamma who believed to lead a person on the Path of Nirvana.It is person's deeds in Dhamma which lead him to the path of Nirvana.Buddha did not promise to give salvation.He said He was Marga Data(Way Finder) and not Moksha Data(Giver of Salvation). Hence Atta Deep Bhav (Be thy own light) was the principle of Buddhism.
Nowehere in the world and in no religion any Founder of religion has given so much freedom and importance to Man.Hence I appeal my Dear Buddhist friends to change their names and appelations which attaches themselves to any religion which give them lower status.We must throw all those identities and bear appelations and names as per Buddhist identity.I congratulate and appreciate all my friends who bear names
and appelations as per Buddhist identity.Let's take a pledge that we will bear Buddhist identity and keep our conduct as per Dhamma.If we do so we will definately become successful in creating our separate identity as Buddhist.
Thanking all of you in anticipation.
Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam, Jai Bhim, Namo Buddhay!
Yours in Dhamma,
Sunil Boudha

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